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The search for gold, treasure and Gems can provide hours of prospecting fun and entertainment for the entire family or it can provide a lucrative income for the advanced prospector who has taken the time to educate themselves on all the information that is available on this hobby. If your passion is panning, dredging, highbanking, and drywashing or if you prefer nugget shooting with a metal detector, diving for treasure or mining for gems and minerals, you will discover an extensive collection of resources, tips and techniques within these pages.

Whether you are just dreaming about beginning to find Pirate treasure or you are an experienced prospector, you can be assured that this site will provide you with insight from experienced prospectors (who also still dream about finding pirate treasure), education on the tools, tips and information on the subject and valuable resources for getting the most out of your treasure hunting adventures. Backed by 25 years of gold prospecting and metal detecting experience from around the globe, you will find this to be the most comprehensive online resource for all of your treasure hunting needs!