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  • Buying My First Gold Dredge An Ebay Experience
    I thought I would take some time to reflect on my first gold dredge and how it came to be mine.

  • Fine Gold Prospecting in the Glacial Till
    If you live on the North Eastern coast of the US in an area that does not have natural gold deposits, probably the best chance you have to pan gold is in areas where the glaciers dumped their trash.

  • Fine Gold Recovery From Black Sand Concentrates
    For every gold prospector out there that has been doing it for more than 3 hours, you have a ready supply of concentrates that are full off black sand. Your plan is to take it home because you know there is more fine gold in there than you were able to get out of the pan and into a bottle while you were at you favorite spot.

  • Gold Prospecting And Metal Detecting
    Lost Treasure Hunting, Gold Treasure, Diving For Treasure, Metal Detecting, Panning For Gold

  • History of Amelia Island Flordia
    Local stories and evidences have it that the Amelia Island was first inhabited by the Timucuan Indians and they were here as long ago as 2000 BC. They were strongly committed to one of their customs which is tattooing themselves with black, red, blue and yellow on different areas of their body.

  • Metal Detecting To Relax
    Whenever I am stressed from work, I don't watch TV nor read a book. Instead, I look at that dark corner - the place where my metal detector resides - and emerge into another world. This is a world full of treasures to be found - where the limit is not the ground, but many inches underneath.

  • Native Methods Break Oak Island Treasure Mystery
    A Mi'kmaq perspective on the Collision between European and Native American Civilizations.

  • New Discovery on Oak Islands Contained on Fragmented Stone
    This stone was found in Smiths Cove on Oak Island. The symbols appear to be ancient in fact there is a symbol that is in ancient "Greek" meaning four underwater doors :+: or two to two underwater doors. and the symbol with a circle with a dot in the center may mean in or inside.

  • New Twist on the Oak Island Treasure Mystery
    Just when you thought the mysterious and elusive Oak Island treasure hunt had died down, and every thing that there was to know about it had been discovered, a fresh new perspective on the mystery could overturn the entire context of the hunt and lead everyone in a completely different direction.

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  • Treasure Hunting Begins At Home
    When you think of treasure hunting, maybe gold coins and precious stones come to mind, but it doesn't end there. You can start in your own attic to see what treasures you find. Then you can check out some of the more unusual ways to go treasure hunting.

  • Treasure Hunting For Beginners
    Treasure hunting begins at home. People regularly find famous old books and valuable antiques in their attics, so get up there and look. One couple tore open their walls while remodeling, and found them insulated with thousands of old and valuable movie posters, put there by a theater owner in the thirties. The couple sold $200,000 worth of posters, the last I heard.

  • Treasure Hunting for Indian Peace Medals
    Originally the Indian Peace medals were made for the British Kings starting in the pre-revolutionary times, then progressed to having one for each of the US presidents until the late 1860s. They come in 2 main types -- a normal, round coin shape that everyone is familiar with, and an engraved, oval type medal.

  • Where To Pan For Gold
    Sure gold is "where you find it". Anyone even thinking about taking up prospecting has heard that one. It's probably the most frustrating answer any beginning prospector ever hears when asking where to look for gold. Where the heck exactly is "where you find it" located and why do people keep telling you that?

  • Your Gold Panning Trip - Camping For Fun!
    If you want a good camping vacation and want to find gold I have just the spot for you. Princton BC was noted for the gold found in the late 1880's. You will find Granite city which is now a ghost town. Lots of gold and platinum was found in the area.

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