Metal Detecting To Relax

by Joaquin de la Sierra

Whenever I am stressed from work, I don't watch TV nor read a book. Instead, I look at that dark corner - the place where my metal detector resides - and emerge into another world. This is a world full of treasures to be found - where the limit is not the ground, but many inches underneath.

Many people do not realize this, but metal detection is not only a great way to do exercise, but it is also fun, relaxing and rewarding. It is enough for one to "get lost" for a couple of hours to completely forget about his problems while asking himself the question, "What will I find next?"

The most common question, I, as a veteran treasure hunter have to respond is whether treasures can be found in the United States. The answer is, and will always be: Yes! Treasures are practically everywhere. During the American Depression, how many people did not bury their belongings to never come back for them? During the Civil War, along the way; how many soldiers buried gold but died in combat? How many people drop valuable objects every day without realizing it? This does not only apply to the United States, but also to almost every other country in the World. Obviously, to know this, you'd have to do research, but I am quite sure that you will find treasures if you look for them.

 panning for gold, gem mining, diving for treasure  

Speaking personally, I do not call metal detecting a hobby, but rather an obsession. I have been an avid hunter for years - have hunted in Mexico, the U.S., Norway and many other countries. I have delved into each country's history and the reality is that you can too. There are so many treasures waiting to be found that all you have to do is purchase a metal detector - read some safety tips such as the ones available in this great Metal Detecting Website - and, well, begin your hunt!

I can almost guarantee that you will promptly love to find new buried objects - objects which have been buried underneath your feet - objects which may change the way History is known - objects which may change your life.

Then what could be more rewarding than, after a 3-hour hunt, count and research about the numerous coins that you just found? Will you post them on your own personal page? Will you sell them? Tell people about them?

We return to the beginning - relaxation. If it wasn't for the fact that metal detecting can cleanse one's problems, then it wouldn't be half as popular. When you begin finding 300-year old coins I can guarantee that you will stop thinking about your quotidian problems and, like me, emerge into a world which has been lost for years. Welcome to treasure hunting, you will like it.

Joaquin has been a treasure hunting enthusiast for years. He is currently living in Mexico, where he keeps finding great objects. You might check his website at this
Metal Detectors page.