Native methods being used to Break Oak Island Treasure Mystery

A Mi'kmaq perspective on the Collision between European and Native American Civilizations

by Keith Ranville 


A Mi'kmaq perspective on the Collision between European and Native American Civilizations

This new, twenty-first -century edition of We were Not the Savages is the culmination of the author's thoughtful rewritings and updating of the first edition and bestseller. It eloquently expands upon the content of the first edition and includes shocking new information about the confrontation between Amerindian and European civilizations. This single volume provides a comprehensive and uncompromising narrative of how the democratic and peaceful Mi’kmaq people were brought to the edge of extinction by a GREEDY, brutal and arrogant enemy. It also chronicles the many abuses the FIRST NATION people have suffered under the misadministration of
Canada's Indian Act and explores the complex challenges they now face with non-Native Society.

 panning for gold, gem mining, diving for treasure  

Daniel Paul N Paul's re-examination of historical records cast serious doubt on early military and political figures society has honored as heroes, and brings us to face to face with the question of who the savages really were when Europeans invaded the Americas. Paul's expose of continuing injustices challenges the image most of us hold of Canada as a fair and compassionate country.

Keith’s interview with Author Daniel Paul

Mr. Daniel N. Paul had told me about the history of the heritage in
Nova Scotia and how the Europeans treated the Mi’kmaq people. Mr. Paul N. Paul tells many painful & brutal accounts to many to mention, inflicted on the Mi’kmaq People and how the History books were cooked to protect the image of the earlier Europeans.

Mr. Paul is one of many people I had a chance to speak with he opened my eyes about my research that I was investigating, the stigma I will be up against, as I am a Cree First Nation Native not only I am not from the local Native Bands or the Nova Scotia Local Europeans as well. When I speak of the Oak Island Mystery to Mi’kmaq People I got mixed accounts on stories and found them to be very interesting stories. I met Mi’kmaq Native Elders, an spiritual leaders and they told me information about many things that are a head of me' I now know what they were talking about as I am at the near end of my research.

This Oak Island Treasure Mystery has been very challenging it has been a day to day adventure. I hold information you can’t get from any book, which is what made my research very unique as for me theory it may have Bruised all
Oak Islands theories ego. and changed the Oak Island Treasure hunt completely.

Oak Island treasure will be found with my methods
Birch Island's Triangle holds the secrets to this mystery.

Canada's National Treasure