New Discovery on Oak Islands Contained on Fragmented Stone


by Keith Ranville 

This stone was found in Smiths Cove on Oak Island. The symbols appear to be ancient in fact there is a symbol that is in ancient "Greek" meaning four underwater doors :+: or two to two underwater doors. and the symbol with a circle with a dot in the center may mean in or inside.

 panning for gold, gem mining, diving for treasure  

So the top two symbols confirms the money pits symbols are genuine and they did exist there are three symbols the same mention on the money pits stone inscriptions this is a huge step foreword into authenticate the money pits symbols.

So the four symbol Smiths Cove stone inscription reads:


These Greek underwater doors are some where inside Mahone Bay Nova Scotia. my Research tells me the location of these underwater doors are "in" Birch Islands Triangle. These symbol are clues to the people responsible for the advance workings in Mahone Bay. They had a understanding of ancient writing and a knowledge of ancient building. I believe the knowledge of these people's records are in Birch Island.

Keith Ranville's New Discovery August 17 2006

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