New Twist on the Oak Island Treasure Mystery?

by Keith Ranville 

Just when you thought the mysterious and elusive Oak Island treasure hunt had died down, and every thing that there was to know about it had been discovered, a fresh new perspective on the mystery could overturn the entire context of the hunt and lead everyone in a completely different direction.

First Nations Researcher Keith Ranville has come up with a very distinctive and interesting interpretation of the Oak Island etchings which differ significantly from the existing interpretations due to his Native Heritage (Canadian) background.

 panning for gold, gem mining, diving for treasure  

Keith’s use of Google satellite photos and his work on the Skull Stone etching is a Great use of bringing the free technology out there to the Hunt for lost treasure. Below are some of Keith’s new Ideas and another link to his site so you can get the complete story and see the great photos he has there.

I have decoded the symbols found in the money Pit In 1803 using my Native heritage background the translation of the forty symbols explains about a Island two Islands east of Oak Island called birch Island, on the north end of birch Island the impression of a triangle is there it takes more than half of the Island you can see the triangle from Google satellite, the triangles that were inscribed on the stone tablet refers to the triangle on Birch Island the rest of the symbols are engineering instructions or explains what goes on in the triangle area on Birch Island there is something of great heritage value there, that will interest everyone.

Translations of Symbols Found in the bottom layer in the Money Pit in 1803

Triangles, two angles, divides, south/north, at triangles right angles, two doors left of triangle, two doors right of triangle,upper,two,tunnels,divides,doors,triangles,doors,divides,upper/lower,three,tunnels. Tunnel, three,divides,into,half&half,divides,to,into,shafts,in,one,south/north,two,upper,to,south/ north,third,second,shafts.

In addition, regarding the detailing of the Skull Stone etching found on Oak Island, that was produced by Keith possibly confirms the role of pirates in this mystery?

Keith has put out a request for anyone that has any information, articles, documents, photographs or anything else which could help in the continuing investigation, If you have any please reply to this post or email me at and I will forward it to Keith and if you want I will put it on the Blog for everyone to use.